What you need to know!


  • New M/C Track
  • Concession Stand
  • Scramblecross Membership (Season Points)
  • Beginner Class (Less than one year experience, age as of January 1, 2017)
  • Saturday camping allowed 

What you need to know!

The Racecourse...

  • Natural terrain designed tracks
  • Cross between Motocross and Hare Scrambles
  • No triple jumps
  • Gate or Flag starts
  • Limited man-made jumps
  • No large man-made berms
  • Possible water crossing
  • Approximate 1 mile in length


Check each event page for times and scheduling

Gate Fee

$10 Gate Fee
$5 Under 6 Over 65

Entry Fee

1st Class $40
2nd Class $25
Membership $20

Race Format

2-Moto Format


1st - 5th

100% Payback

Open Money Class
Open class 100% payback

Upcoming Events

Scramblecross Classes


Quad Beginner

Quad Amateur

Open Quad Money


50cc 4-6

50cc 7-8

65cc 7-9

65cc 10-11

85cc-150cc 9-10

85cc-150cc 11-15

Big Wheel 125cc 12-18

125cc-250cc Beginner

125cc-250cc Amateur

250cc-450cc Beginner

450cc Beginner (300cc - Open)

450cc Amateur (300cc - Open)

Over 30

Over 40

Over 50

Over 60


Open Money Class (125cc-Open)


  1. Jim Munafo says

    Is a crf150rb (big wheel expert) allowed in the mad dog class?

  2. Steve says

    Length of races based on laps or time? How long?

  3. scramblecross says

    Laps, typically 4-6 laps

  4. scramblecross says

    Not at this time, I would call 817-825-7081 ask to verify.

  5. Eddie says

    Is Askey Ranch ever open for practice on non-race weekends or during the week?

  6. scramblecross says

    Not at this time!

  7. 65 motos says

    so under the heading “race format”, its states Sunday race, but on the schedule of events all the races are on scheduled on Saturdays?

  8. Bailey says

    Is a ktm 125 2 stroke allowed in the 85-150 beginner?

  9. danny Compton says

    Where would a 40 year old on a 300cc 2 stroke fit? The 450 class? Raced enduro in the past. Never was bumped from C class, but mid pack B class.

  10. Eddie says

    Your website says $10 for 2nd race under the facts tab. We were charged full price for the 2nd race at Village Creek. When several riders mentioned it to the girls at the sigh-up table, they looked like deer in the headlights and acted like they never heard of that before. It was the same girl that always takes entry fees, so I don’t understand why she acted like she did not know what we were talking about. The prior race at Askey we only paid $10 for second race. If it is the same series and promoter, then why would the same rules not apply at a different track??? I have emailed and texted with no response, please advise…..

  11. scramblecross says

    The race format changed to Saturdays for Fall events!

  12. scramblecross says

    Yes are the age groups, Over 40 for example.

  13. scramblecross says

    Village Creek is an exception to the $10 second class rule, every class at Village was $35 which was posted on the home page and the event page. However was not changed on the fact page.

  14. scramblecross says


  15. Rick says

    what are the mad dog race rules – regulations?

  16. scramblecross says

    call Mike at 817-825-7081

  17. Jen says

    My daughter just turned 13 in October and she rides a 65. What class would she be?

  18. scramblecross says

    The 65cc class is for 7-11 years of age, I am not sure we would have a class for her with that bike. Call Mike at 817-825-7081.

  19. Gilbert says

    Would a Suzuki DR-Z125L allowed in the Mad Dog class?

  20. scramblecross says

    Contact Mike at 817-825-7081

  21. Patricia Woods says

    where do I find the points standings for over 60 group

  22. 1 says

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  23. Mike Smith says

    Why does it take so long to post race results on the Scramblecross webpage? Many other sanctions have them posted within 24-48hrs….

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